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 The specialized treatment for pain

Acupuncture is very efficient treatment for pain. Our clinic is technically working on redicing pain.
Pain is a sign to realise a sickness and at the same time, but in some cases pain prevents sickness to get cured. The efficiency of acupuncture for analgesia is based on medical evidence. Adding to it, acupuncture has marvelous effect upon chronic ailment caused by functional abberation. In medical institution, acupuncture is set widely in a course of pain treatment both in western countries and China.
There is a case that although an illness gets better, pain remains. Our clinic starts treatment after we understand patients's pain through asking their daily habit and constitution. And we treat patients in the least strain and effective methods for example using low frequency stimulation to the site of pain, and the use of autonomic nurves measuring equipment.
If you are suffering from chronic pain, please do not surrender and conslut us. 

The efficiency of acupuncture toward pain

1. analgesic effect
During acupuncture treatment analgesic substance (endogeneos opioid) is produced inside of the body and it is presumed as a effect of acupuncture for pain treatment. And acupuncture works on the secretion of neurotransmitter or hormone and normarise a site of disorder. Stimulation by needle activate hypothalamus and hypophysis and therefore it is assumed that acupuncture will possibly give a variety of influence toward whole body.
2. blood flow
Releasing the tension of tissue will distend blood vessel and will remedy blood flow, hence both lactic acid that the cause of fatigue and substances of pain will be cleaned and eventually it will reform muscular contracture. Adding to it, blood stream or compression surrounding nerve roots will be bettered and it will be effective for neuralgia and edema. In large, acupuncture encourage homeostasis in ecological site and heal the underlying cause of pain.

neck/arms/shoulder pain

cervical spondyloisis(cervical spondyloisis, herniated disc of cerviucal spine), thoracic outlet syndrome [TOS],

traumatic cervical syndrome, scapulohumeral periarthritis,

cervico-omo-brachial syndrome

subacrominal impingiement syndrome,

chest ・back・abdominal pain

intercostal neuralgia, menstrual pain,

difficult menstration chronic, abdominalgia

low back pain/melalgia

low back pain, lumbar disc herniation,

lumbar spinal canal stenosis, lumbar facet syndrome,

sciatic pain, sciatic pain, RSI(Repetitive Stress Injury), 

peritendinitis, perineal pain

headache / facial pain

migraine, cluster headache, tension headache,

trigeminal neuralgia, glossopharyngeal neuralgia,

temporomandibular arthrosis  

Systemic sharp pain

MPS, herpes zoster pain, traumatic pain

cancer pain (metastatic carcinoma, systemic pain)

postoperative pain, causalgia

reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD),

entrapment neuropathy , psychogenic pain

Please do not hesitate to contact us for consultation if you have other medical problems which are not listed above.