KOSAI Acupuncture Clinic【Since 1905】Tokyo,Minato-ku,azabu,hiroo,roppong
Consultation Hours10:00-13:00, 15:00-18:00
Closed on Thursday


A Painless Treatments

The size of the needles used is approx. 0.2mm in diameter, which is as thin as a hair. One is assured that it is a painless treatment as we also incorporate the use of latest technology that was mastered skillfully. 

A high-level of hygiene

All needles used during the acupuncture treatment are disposable needles. Thus, there should no fear of contracting any contagious diseases. 

Consultation by appointment

All consultations are carried out on an appointment basis to avoid long waiting hours. An appointment can be made on the same day prior arrival to the center. 

Privacy is among our policy

The privacy of patient has done the consideration which is sufficient. we strictly observe the secret of private information of the patient.
Our center has the private floor , you can receive comfortable remedy in the private treatment room also. In addition, all spaces of our center are prepared for the one patient in compliance with the demand of the patient, You can receive also the remedy which combines the refreshment of the mind and body.

Correspondence of foreign language 

In our center, the remedy with Japanese, English and Chinese is possible. 

Consultation Hours 

10:00 ~13:00  15:00 ~18:00
The Center is closed on Thursdays. 

Welfare program: 

Our center offers various welfare programs to those who require assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Our request for you to take treatment

Attire:For convenience, please come in comfortable attire. It is preferable if one will wear T-shirt or sleeveless upper clothing. For women, please avoid one-piece dress, and please feel free to tell us your concerns or doubts as we have female staff that could attend to some of your personal and private matters.
For treatment preparation : please take off your ornament(Necklace, Bracelet wristwatch etc ).