KOSAI Acupuncture Clinic【Since 1905】Tokyo,Minato-ku,azabu,hiroo,roppong
Consultation Hours10:00-13:00, 15:00-18:00
Closed on Thursday


In KOSAI Oriental Healthcare Center, our vision is to create a healthy society through various acupuncture treatments. In order to achieve that, we believe and work towards the following ideals.  

1.Try our best to help our patients to relieve their pain.

Combining our accumulated experience in the past years with new researches and developments, we aim to provide the best treatment to patients.  

2. Provide sufficient explanations and carry out safe and trustful treatments

Acupuncture treatments help to increase the balance of the whole body. We plan our treatments after consulting with the patients about the symptoms they are experiencing. After that, almost painless treatments are then carried out.

3. Constantly maintain a high-level of hygiene.

All the needles used in the treatment process are disposable needles. Besides, all machines and equipment used during the treatment process undergo a high-level of hygiene check.