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For breech baby and easy labor

Acupuncture treatment for breech baby

It is said that 3 to 5 % of whole childbirth delivery is breech birth. Major problem accompanied with breech baby is immature birth and difficulty in delivery. Adding to it, delivery tend to take longer and there is a possibility of clavicle fracture and birth asphyxia, as a whole the risk of delivery is higher than usual labour.
In general, the cause of breech baby is unknown, yet in eastern medicine, it has been thought that cold lower abdomen or lower body is a cause of it. It is recognised that the head is most important part for the growth of fetus. And therefor, it is thought that the coldness in lower abdomen and lower body will stunt the development of fetus.
Since ancient times, it is accepted that acupuncture is effective for breech baby treatment and it has been done in our country as well. In eastern medicine, type of body constitution those who tend to carry breech baby is classified and it is recognised that blood flow of majority of patients those who have breech baby is poor mainly within pelvis and lower body. 三陰交(san yin jiao)、至陰(zhi yin) are famous acupoints for breech baby treatment, adding to these, in our clinic we take patients' constitution into consideration and approach to indefinite complaint and improvement of poor blood stream within womb and pelvis, hence, correction of baby posture will be done more effectively. Acupoint stimulation by acupuncture needle and moxibustion will improve peripheral circulation and act on pelvic floor muscle and womb related muscle, and therefore it is effective to induce self-rotation of fetus. In addition, there is no side effect and very safe treatment.
It will be most effective to start treatment 26 to 29 weeks of pregnancy, yet there are improvement example recognized around 34 weeks of pregnancy. 

Acupuncture treatment for easy labour

Acupuncture treatment has an effect to keep the process from pregnancy to after childbirth fine. It will work you to spend healthy and fair pregnancy period, easy deliver, and post partum period.
Moxibustion for easy labour has been done since ancient times as well as breech baby treatment. It is a treatment to grow your baby up in good health and lead you to easy delivery. In later months of pregnancy, stress toward expectant mother's body will increase, since fetus develops. Easily-fatigued, and you often feel back and the sacral region pain. Back pain is caused because during pregnancy your body secrete hormone that will help to open pelvis in order to get ready for labour, however, sometimes it comes along with so-called autonomic nervous symptoms. Acupuncture also helps to ease such symptoms. Hence specific body symptoms during pregnancy such as back pain, constipation, swelling, cramps, depression and so forth will be bettered 。