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Sciatic Neuralgia

Acupuncture treatment for sciatic neuralgia 

Sciatica treatment by acupuncture in our clinic is one of specialty. Western medicine treatment of sciatica is a mainstream conservative treatment, such as medication or towing. Acupuncture among the conservative therapies is a effective treatment to relieve symptoms of sciatica. Please contact us as soon as possible person who suffer with chronic pain and numbness of sciatica.

About sciatic neuralgia

The sciatica is a word that represents a symptom rather than a disease name.For some reason (lumbar herniation, spinal canal syndrome, etc.), the sciatic nerve is collectively symptoms such as pain and numbness caused by being subjected to pressure and irritation, it is called "sciatica”.

Treatment by acupuncture

We will do the treatment on purpose to take early of sciatica specific pain in the first. In addition, we perform a treatment to enhance the preventive effect on the pain had subsided. Taking advantage of acupuncture-specific sedation, we do the the trigger point treatment, also, do the treatment to the meridian along sciatic nerve pain and numbness. Blood flow improvement by acupuncture encourage the oxygen supply and nutrient supply to nerve compression site, it contribute to improvement of symptoms.
In assessing the effects of acupuncture treatment of sciatica, in our clinic, we evaluate using a VAS (Visual Analog Scale). It is a measure used primarily when assessing the degree of pain at 10 stages from the VAS. Treatment cases of sciatica in our clinic, there are many cases as compared to the initial visit has been 4 to 5 level reduced. The pain level has been reduced are many reports that mentioned the impressions of the day-to-day operation has been approached about about 80% in the prior to the onset situation at level 4.
(Example: pain level 10 → 3 round after acupuncture treatment completion at the time of the first visit, to reduce the pain level 4)