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The specialized treatment of hay fever

What is hay fever?

Hay fever is one of the allergic symptoms caused by malfunction of immune cell. Allergic reaction is a symptoms such as eczema and overall itchiness triggered by inhaling or touching substances that will not cause any problem under normal circumstances.

Allergic reaction is divided into four categories, and hay fever is one of them called immediate type allergy. Immediate type allergy is a kind, for example, if you touch antigen, you will react to it right away. Major roll of immune cell is to remove harmful materials from you body. For instance, if you infect viruses, immune cells will flight continuously to get rid of viruses.

However, in some cases, you overreact to not so harmful or not harmful substances such as house dust or pollen. It is so-called allergic reaction. Once pollen is attached to mucosa of nose, nasal immune cell will judge pollen as harmful, and then it tries to remove it by sneezing or snivel. There is a possibility that continuous symptoms will cause thickening mucosa of nose and eventually lead to blocked nose, and will cause inflammation of mucosa of eye.

Hay fever from the aspect of Eastern medicine

In general, people those who suffer from allergic disorder including hay fever, tend to produce following symptoms constitutionally ; excessive sensitivity to cold, gastrointestinal weakness, irregular menstruation etc. In Eastern medicine such constitutional symptoms are called deficiency illness (虚症 xiu zheng /asthenic syndome). While approaching hay fever symptoms, treating deficiency illnesses will lead you to suffer from fewer allergic symptoms. Since hay fever is one of allergic disorders, we have to look at it not only as a simple partial symptom, but also constitutional problem that need to be bettered ultimately.

Unique characteristic of our clinic and its treatment technique

Our clinic featured as treating individual responding to each constitution lead by interview based upon Eastern medicine. And also both low-frequency stimulation treatment to specific acupoints that would control the symptoms, and the introduction of autonomic measure will reduce burden to your body.
At the first medical examination, we will explain you the way and the plan of treatment. If you have some request, please do not hesitate to ask.

Acupuncture treatment for hay fever and its effect

First of all, we aim to remedy symptoms caused by hay fever. The major aim of treatment is to control typical hay fever symptoms such as sneezing, running nose and congested nose, to the level that will not disturb your daily activities. There several acupints that will suppress such symptoms, and stimulating certain acupoints will lead you to control the symptoms. Unlike western medicine, the effect of acupuncture vary among different individuals, though for some it has an immediate effect. It will be more effective, if you start treatment 3 to 4 weeks ahead of hay fever season. Our clinic conducts follow-up investigation using VAS (Visual Analog Scale), and found that there was a beneficial change for the majority of patients. (See figure 1)

haygraph.gifFigure 1. The changes after hay fever treatment over time (n=5). The level of symptoms (neezing, running nose and congested nose) at the beginning of the treatment is defined as 100.

Merits of acupuncture treatment for hay fever

Acupuncture do not have harmful side affect so that everyone can have a treatment. Most of people who chose to have acupuncture treatment feel western medicine don't match with them, find western medicine is no working for them, or find themselves suffering from some other symptoms that need to be cured at the same time.
Acupuncture treatment is recommended for those who are expectant mother, or people who prefer not to take narcotic medicines such as antihistamine or antiallergic agent. Acupuncture treatment will change your constitution while suppressing symptoms.